Video Poker Pay Tables

Video poker games offer some of the best winning chances in a casino. With proper training and focus, a player can get the best value for his money in this game. But before a player plunges into the game, he should first know the video poker pay tables and see which machine gives the best returns.

Casinos are able to manipulate the rate of return. So a player should check how much can be won per category, especially on flush, full house and four of a kind since these are the categories where differences in the winning amounts are. Different video poker pay tables also often show different returns for three of a kind and straight. The amount a casino pays on flush and full house are a good indicator of payback rate.

The following examples show the information found in tables and the payout percentage. If a player using one coin in a Bonus Poker gets 10 coins for full house, 8 for flush, 5 for three of a kind, it is a 10/8/5 with a return of 94.18%. It is considered to have low returns.

Here is an example of Bonus Poker Deluxe's paytable and the payout rate for perfect play: if the payout for full house and flush is 6 and 5, respectively, it is referred to as 6/5 and has an expected return of 95.36%. If a casino adds another coin to full house so that the machine is 7/5, return increases to 96.25%. The expected return rises for each added coin ñ 8/5 ñ 97.40%, 8/6 ñ 98.49%, 9/6 - 99.64%.

In a four of a kind, jackpot size can also vary. For instance, frequent winning combinations like two pair and straight pay less coins. Games offered in most casinos include Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Jacks-or-Better. What is good about these games is that paytables are displayed in terminals. So a player can have the payout rate information right away and he can compare which games offer the best returns. To avoid losing money faster, players should always choose those with the best paytables. Serious players also avoid distractions. It would also help to learn by using strategy cards or software programs.