Deuces Wild Video Poker Rules and Strategy

Deuces Wild video poker is one of the most popular adaptations of poker in the world. This type of the game has several different styles as well as many differing rules. The rules and styles associated with Deuces Wild are solely determined by where the participants are playing. Casinos, online gambling, and each individual video poker game can differ in play, but the common element in all of the adaptations of this format is that twos, or deuces, are wild.

This specific game is played with all 52 cards within a deck of cards and all four of the deuces are wild, meaning they can represent any card value within the deck. The ante, or initial bet, is placed on the table and each player is dealt five cards face down. Players can then discard cards from their hands for other cards from the virtual dealer. Regulations on how many cards can be exchanged are determined by house rules, or online rules. After each player has traded their desired cards, the payouts are given to winning players. Payouts are determined by the house according to the highest poker hand that can be created with the cards that are left in the individuals' hands after the discard round. The royal flush is generally the highest possible hand.

There are many different variations in Deuces Wild video poker in which an individual may be presented the opportunity to double their payouts. The payouts are largely determined by the individual's hand and whether or not they have beat the dealer. It is popular because it is great for beginning players as well as being very easy to follow and understand. This particular game is extremely fun for anyone looking to have a great time in a gambling establishment, or from the comfort of their home online.