Jokers Wild Video Poker for Beginners

Jokers Wild video poker is a type of five-hand poker game that allows for players to discard cards from their initially dealt hand. This is a vibrant game of chance that offers many opportunities to win! Poker, like so many other popular games, has unknown origins. It is said to have originated from sailors traveling across the world either from France, Germany, or even Persia. It then spread rapidly throughout the United States primarily because of steamboats traveling up and down the Mississippi River during the American Civil War. As poker's popularity grew, the many variations of the game, such as Jokers Wild, also became famous.

The game begins with the dealer placing one joker within a deck of 52 cards. The joker within the deck is wild, meaning it can represent any value within the deck. After the ante, or first bet, each player is dealt five cards face down so that only they can see the face values. The players then have the choice to discard any or all of the cards within their hand and receive the same amount of cards back from the dealer. Depending upon the casino, online game, or video poker game the player is playing, there are many adaptations of rules where a player can only discard no more than three cards, or no more than four cards if they have an ace. After the second hand is received, the winners are paid according to their hands. The minimum to win is either two pairs, or one pair of kings or aces. Jokers Wild allows for the chances of payout to double, and since there is only one round of betting, this particular form of poker is great for beginners.

With a long history, a swift pace, and a form that is easy to comprehend, Jokers Wild video poker is fun and extremely entertaining. This along with other casino titles allows for players to participate and try their luck from all over the world.